The Featherweight Future

Design Forum: The Featherweight Future

Surfers often follow a herd mentality. (Haven’t you noticed that every time you pick an empty beachbreak peak to paddle out at, someone will paddle up right next to you rather than to the identical empty peak down the beach?) For bet[...]

Shaper Profile: Beau Irvine

Shaper Profile: Beau Irvine

SHAPER: Beau Irvine Year started shaping: 1995 What’s your shaping philosophy? Create beautiful, high-performing surfboards and happy surfers. What is unique about the boards you shape? PIETY is for performance-oriented surfers with [...]

Design Forum: Zeke Lau’s Hawaiian Hammer

Design Forum: Zeke Lau's Hawaiian Hammer

Channel Islands lead designer Britt Merrick works closely with both Dane Reynolds and Zeke Lau–two surfers of remarkable talent and comparable stature–to create some of the most refined high-performance boards on the planet. But wh[...]