What He Rode: Filipe Toledo

Sharp Eye's Marcio Zouvi breaks down Filipe Toledo's winning board from the U.S. Open

Filipe Toledo and his winning craft. Photo: Guilmette
Filipe Toledo and his winning craft. Photo: Guilmette

HEIGHT: 5’9″ (175.26 cm)
WEIGHT: 141 lbs (64 kg)

SHAPER: Marcio Zouvi (Sharp Eye Surfboards)
MODEL: Holy Toledo
LENGTH: 5’8″
WIDTH: 18.25″
NOSE WIDTH: 12.15″
TAIL WIDTH: 14.15″
GLASSING: 4 oz bottom + 4 oz S deck + 4 oz deck patch

FINS: Medium FCS II Performer
HEIGHT: 4.55" (115mm)
BASE: 4.37" (111mm)
AREA: 14.81"² (9554mm²)
SWEEP: 33.7º
FOIL: Inside

Was Filipe riding this board for the majority of the event?
No, he started with a Disco Inferno on the smallest days than used the Game Changer on Round 3 and 4. He switched to his new model, the Holy Toledo, from there until the Final.

What are some important design elements needed for a board to work in small waves like that?
I think the correct volume, length, and rockers are the key elements to consider if you want an advantage in such weak waves.

How does this board compare to his standard high-performance shortboard?
This board has a flatter rocker but is not any wider or much thicker. Filipe is such a light and agile surfer that adding too much volume would hamper his speed and the quickness of his turns.

Filipe is known for being one of the best aerialists in the world. What design elements help him get airborne?
The rocker transition between his base is fairly flat. That seems to make a difference in helping him launch easier.

Are Filipe's boards very unique compared to your other high-performance shortboards?
Nope. He is such an amazing surfer that he only needs a decent board to give everyone a good show.

Photo: Guilmette
Photo: Guilmette
Photo: Guilmette
Photo: Guilmette
Photo: Guilmette
Photo: Guilmette