OAM Signs Brett Barley

East Coast Superstar signs with On A Mission


Costa Mesa, CA, USA, ON A MISSIONS, OAM, Proudly announces the signing of another East Coast superstar, BRETT BARLEY, who also charges, does big airs and owns the Mid Atlantic region.

Raz Hodgman and John Oda are very excited about Brett joining the team. “Adding Brett to our team is really exciting and it’s adding value to our east coast region and supporting the coast where a lot of our best surfers come from.

Brett comments on his new sponsorship with On A Mission, “It’s really nice being a part of such great brand that has an incredible history that goes back into the Momentum era. I love the pads I have been using and look forward to designing my own pad.”


On A Mission is the leader in surf accessory innovation and design. The company was founded 1992 by professional surfers for surfers. Icons such as the Malloy brothers, Benji Weatherly, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, Ross Williams, Taylor Steele and together with a new breed of OAM Athletes that are all crucial in the design and process to ensure optimal rider performance product.


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