Subaru Ad Tugs at Surfer Heartstrings

Random Happs: Harbor Bill, is that you?

Up here in the wilds of Northern California, there are but three vehicle options: Subaru, Prius, and the Toyota Tacoma. History shows that two of these three capable rides will age lovingly, covered in well-earned dents and scratches a[...]

Here’s How Surfers Watched The Solar Eclipse

Random Happenings: Eclipsed

Be it through special glasses, a car window, a welder’s helmet, a football helmet, nuclear-grade contact lenses, a knight’s hood, or a quick squint, a lot of folks tried to sneak a look at today’s solar eclipse. Surfe[...]

Random Happenings: A Festival of Laird

Random Happenings: A Festival of Laird

Laird Hamilton turns 53 years old this week. 53! Still he remains much much stronger, more handsome, and a far better surfer than I will ever be. So to celebrate his forever awesomeness, let’s honor his b-day with some of his tru[...]