Harrison Roach Gets Deep With Dior

"Everything brings me back to the ocean"

You know Dior? The designer brand known for expensive clothing, handbags, makeup, and whatever else it uses to capitalize on people with excessively expendable income? The brand recently linked up with Harrison Roach, a person I’d think epitomizes everything Dior is not, to create a film as part of their Tales of the Wild series. I can’t help but hope that he turned that paycheck into lots of plane tickets and beer. As far as this short film goes, it’s quite amazing– a look into the spiritual side of surfing and the ocean in Australia, its effects on Harrison’s life, and the home it’s created for him. Press play to hear one of the best longboarders in the world dive into the deep end and be on the lookout for the new boardbag line from Dior coming out in S/S 2017. That last part was a joke.