Random Happenings: The New York Times Just Discovered Night Surfing

And they are in love

Both the New York Times and The New Yorker lowered themselves to wallow amongst us plebes this week; The New Yorker in a scathing expose on (shock) the unrealities of #vanlife surfing couples, and the NYT in a strangely in-depth and charming look at night surfing.

In the article, the reporter tags along with a North County, San Diego dude named Helmut Igel, along the way revealing a small but dedicated subset of surfers who surf at night with glow sticks attached to surf helmets.

I had no idea this was a thing. People so into night surfing that they actually develop lighted helmets for it, I mean.

In Northern California, going in the ocean at night is a hairsbreadth away from overwhelming the terror centers of the human mind. For the most part, anyway. But at the gentle Orange County and San Diego County reefbreaks that Igel frequents, it makes total sense that there would be whole crews dedicated to night shredding. I once paddled out at Rincon during a full moon and a small – but fun – swell, and was shocked at how many people were out.

Anyway, the article is here for you to take whatever inspiration you’d like from it.