Hess Surfboards: The Box

Open up a box of fun

*beard not included
*beard not included

Hess Surfboards
The Box

Some boards are built to be ridden hard for six months, then tossed, full of pressure dings and delams, into the landfill or maybe pawned off to somebody on Craigslist. Hess Surfboards, on the other hand, builds boards you could conceivably pass on to your unborn kids one day. This strangely-shaped beauty is called the Box, and it will liven up any surf session in slopey, flat-faced waves. It’s shaped from a recycled EPS blank, with a wood veneer for the deck, carbon fiber-wrapped rails, and glassed with bio-based resin. The wood grain may make it look heavy, but it’s featherlight, glides into waves with little effort, and gets up on rail like a champ. And it will do all those things for years, thanks to the bulletproof construction. Order yourself one of these puppies, pull on a plaid shirt, lace up your workboots, and embrace your inner Malloy.