How Could The U.S. Withdrawal From The Paris Agreement Affect Our Oceans?

No Paris Agreement. Now What?

Cloudbreak wasn’t the only reason Fiji crossed into your newsfeed this week. On Tuesday, Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainiramara — this year’s President of the United Nations’ conference on climate change —[...]

Project Clean Uluwatu Is Changing The Waste Rhetoric In Bali

Changing The Waste Rhetoric In Bali

It’s too crowded. There’s trash everywhere. It’s approaching critical mass. When it comes to Bali, these phrases have become the popular rhetoric in recent years, with too many people assuming there’s nothing that can be done t[...]

Gulf Rocked by Second Explosion

Gulf Rocked by Second Explosion

By Alex Haro Another drilling-related explosion rocked the Gulf of Mexico early Thursday morning, sending the crew of Mariner Energy’s Vermillion Block 380 into the water and igniting a massive fire. Thirteen workers were rescued fro[...]