Introducing the 2011 Rookie Class

ASP Welcomes Two Men and Four Women to the 2011 World Tour

Changing-of-the-guard euphemisms and pre-season hype aside, the six young surfers joining the ASP Men’s and Women’s Tour in 2011 may not pose an immediate threat to the title-contenders, but they will certainly give the top seeds a run for the money in the coming season. Last year, 11 rookies joined the ASP Men’s World Tour. This year, with the mid-year cut to 32 surfers, the number of rookies joining the Tour in 2011 will be only two: Julian Wilson and Alejo Muniz.On the Women’s World Tour in 2011, we’ll see the addition of four new rookies: former World Junior Champs Laura Enever and Tyler Wright, California’s Courtney Conlogue, and France’s Pauline Ado.

Photo: Kenworthy
Julian Wilson
Age: 22
Resides: Coolum Beach, Australia
The Road to the 2011 Tour: 2nd Sunset, 3rd Haleiwa, 1st Sri Lanka, 9th Lanzarote, 3rd Canada, 25th Trestles, 17th Lacanau, 49th US Open, ranked 32 on the ASP World Rankings going into Pipe
In His Words: “I’m most looking forward to my new schedule, hanging out, being on Tour with Dusty and Wilko, and competing against the best and hopefully scoring the best waves! I also plan on doing another trip or two, filming with Kai Neville for his new film. With how the tour’s set up now I don’t have a great deal of time to go on trips because I want to be competing in most of the prime event as well as the WT events, especially in my rookie year.”
Photo: Rip Curl/Sparkes
Tyler Wright
Age: 16
Resides: Culburra, Australia
The Road to the 2011 Tour: 3rd Margaret River, 3rd Portugal, 5th France
5th US Open, 3rd Spain, 2nd Haleiwa, finished third on the ASP Women’s Star Tour in 2010
In Her Words: “I’m excited about being able to surf with all the best female surfers in the world and getting to travel to all the amazing places and breaks the tour goes to. I’m also planning on growing, that’s number one on the ‘things to do next year’ list! Plus I’m heading back to school, to finish year 11 and 12 hopefully, by correspondence.”

Photo: Van Swae
Courtney Conlogue
Age: 18
Resides: Santa Ana, CA
The Road to the 2011 Tour: 5th Portugal, 5th France, 2nd Azores, 1st Spain, 13th US Open, finished third on the ASP Women’s Star Tour in 2010
In Her Words: “Next year I’m going to do the ’QS and the Tour, so a total of 15 events. I love traveling and seeing new places, and all the girls on Tour are sweeties. I’m really competitive, but I’ve learned in the past few years—before I wouldn’t talk to anyone, just because I didn’t know how to split competition and friendship. Now I’m able to keep it in the heat, and once I come to the beach it’s over. But you gotta have your rivals. That’s just part of the fun. That’s why we compete.”

Photo: Kenworthy
Laura Enever
Age: 19
Resides: North Narabbeen, Australia
The Road to the 2011 Tour: 3rd France, 5th US Open, 1st Azores, 2nd Spain, 5th Brazil, finished second on the ASP Women’s Star Tour in 2010
In Her Words: “I’m exited about the whole thing! Travelling to new places, surfing great waves against the best girls, and the prize money looks fun! I don’t really know what to expect yet, but I know it’s going to a big learning curve with a lot of great experiences and a lot of fun times! I’m sure I will be doing lots of fun stuff in between the tour. I really, really want to go to New York sometime, so I will see about that and just do a whole lot of cool trips to rad places! I love to talk a lot, so get ready everyone! I like to laugh a lot too and I have a very unique dance style. I do good cartwheels too.”
Photo: Kenworthy
Alejo Muniz
Age: 20
Resides: Santa Catarina, Brazil
The Road to the 2011 Tour: 3rd Noronha, 5th Lanzarote, 2nd Lacanau, 2nd Ceara Brazil, 9th Trestles, 9th Sunset, 13th Haleiwa, 17th Santa Cruz, ranked 31 in the ASP World Rankings going into Pipe
In His Words: “Besides the Tour, I want to do some surf trip with the Nike team, film for a friend’s movie, and have fun!”

Photo: Rip Curl/Sparkes
Pauline Ado
Age: 19
Resides: Hendaye, France
The Road to the 2011 Tour: 9th Margaret River, 5th Azores, 19th Portugal, 5th Spain, 2nd Brazil, finished seventh on the ASP Women’s Star Tour in 2010
In Her Words: “I’ll just bring the French touch! I’m kidding, but I think it’s good to have a lot of different nationalities on Tour, we learn from each other and it’s kind of funny to mix the cultures. The thing I look forward to the most is to surf with the world’s best all year. By that I mean both in contests and freesurfing. Being around them always makes me want to surf my best so I think my surfing will improve by the end of the year. I am also excited about going to places I have never been before like New Zealand, Peru, the Search event…”