Mega Semadhi Wins 2016 Padang Padang Cup

Catch the entire replay, and revel in the 10s

Bali icon Mega Semadhi racked up a perfect ten in each of his final two rounds to win the 2016 Padang Padang Rip Curl Cup, placing ahead of Damien Hobgood, Mason Ho, and Clay Marzo, respectfully. The victory marks his second Padang Cup win (his first was in 2013), which saw 9- and 10-point rides across the board as a SSW swell roped into the peninsula for reeling lefthand barrels. Unfortunately, a 15-hour time difference prevented easy viewing, but the entire replay is above for your Tuesday mid-afternoon pleasure — all six hours and thirteen minutes of it.

You only need to look at the scorecard to see how good it was: loads of ten- and nine-point rides. The tunnel from Bruce at the 2:24:05 mark is a tidy summary, too, if you’d rather see perfection in order to believe it.

A balance of international talent and local knowledge, a patience to call the contest only during the most direct swell, all at a world-class barrel machine. Why the event doesn’t get more publicity is a wonder, considering it’s got the genetics for the Tour’s best contest not named the Pipe Masters.

Visit the WSL’s contest page here for complete scores of the event.