Battle for the Bay

The Battle for Lunada Bay

ON the 14th floor of the towering Central Civil West Courthouse in Los Angeles, the clock on the wall of a small, oak-paneled courtroom ticked past 10:15 a.m. as judge Carolyn Kuhl emerged from her chambers. Kuhl, a 65-year-old woman s[...]

Best Surf Towns In America 2017, No. 2: Santa Cruz, CA

Best Surf Towns 2017, No.2: Santa Cruz

If, as Leo Tolstoy once wrote in Anna Karenina, “All happy families are alike…,” then all happy surf towns are, too. Certainly, in every happy surf town there are the same old salty surf dawgs on giant longboards who’ll cut off[...]

Surviving Irma

Surviving Irma

Barbuda, the northern most island in the Lesser Antilles, is small (just 62 square miles), remote, tough to get to, and has only 1600 full-time inhabitants. And it was demolished by Hurricane Irma. When the strongest storm in Atlantic [...]