Meet the New WSL Boss

Meet the New WSL Boss

I’d forgotten that Paul Speaker had resigned from the WSL until earlier today when the press release announcing his replacement come across my screen. We’d been under the guidance of interim WSL CEO (and ATM) Dirk Ziff for [...]

The Doherty Report: The Return of the Toothy Palooka

The Doherty Report: J-Bay's Wildest Day

Just think, if it wasn’t for ol’ Chompy the Shark going all Sharknado out the back of Jeffreys Bay the previous day, then we wouldn’t yesterday morning have seen the wildest half hour of tour surfing we’ve witnessed since, well[...]

The Doherty Report: The Goat’s Foot

The Doherty Report: The Goat's Foot

The predictable conga line of dawn lineups on my Instagram feed was followed by two hours of nothing…which could mean only the one thing. The best J-Bay devil wind story I ever heard was told by Parko and had Occy as its comic le[...]

South Florida’s Toxic Summer

South Florida's Toxic Summer

Last summer, Florida’s Treasure Coast found itself under siege by an unusual enemy: a noxious, guacamole-like cyanobacterium, more commonly known as blue-green algae, which had overrun waterways and contaminated many local beaches. T[...]