Roxy Pro Biarritz Starting Soon

An Instagram preview of World Tour Event 6

The waiting period for the Roxy Pro Biarritz, the sixth event of the seven-event ASP Women’s World Tour, began today. With the season winding down, Steph Gilmore currently holds the lead and has the opportunity to take the 2012 World Title–the fifth in her career–at this event. If she doesn’t clinch the title here, both Carissa Moore and Sally Fitzgibbons will still have a shot at the title at the final event in Huntington later this month. For more information, click here. On a lighter note, here is an Instagram preview of what you’ve missed pre-event in Biarritz.

The beautiful French coast. Photo: @maliamanuel
Contest Announcer extraordinaire, Ms. Rosy Hodge. Photo: @andersenlisa
Early-morning coffee at Biarritz. Photo: @sageerickson
Malia Manuel, enduring the poor conditions that caused the Day 1 layday. Photo: @maliamanuel
Jessi Miley-Dyer, Steph Gilmore, and sister/manager Whitney Gilmore, getting fancy in France. Photo: @stephaniegilmore
Euro rides. Kelia Moniz. Photo: @keliamoniz
World Tour Surfer Justine Dupont, in another epic Euro ride. Photo: @paulineado
Coco Ho and Laura Enever. Photo: xococoho
Extreme French tides: the sand goes out another 50 feet at low tide. Photo: @maliamanuel
Sally Fitzgibbons, airport celebrations. Photo: @sally_fitz
Lakey Peterson, airport naps. Photo: @lakeypeterson
Fancy competitor lockers. A-team. Photo: @andersenlisa
Carissa Moore and crew at the event press conference. Photo: @rissmoore10
Lakey Peterson, making the most of the conditions. Photo: @lakeypeterson
Sage Erickson, making the most of the conditions as well. Photo: @sageerickson
Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne-Wickey in their fancy pants. Photo: @monycabw
The 2012 Roxy Pro Biarritz contest site. Photo: @rissmoore10

Click here to watch the live webcast.