Sion’s Memorial

Friends and Family gather at Pipeline to honor the late Sion Milosky

The North Shore says farewell. Photo: Noyle
Mark Healey, preparing to say goodbye. Photo: Noyle
North Shore mainstay Flynn Novak, paying homage to a departed friend. Photo: Noyle
"Just came in from a paddle out for our boy Sion. Wave came to me. Just wouldn't feel right to pull back." —Mark Healey. Photo: Noyle
Kauai's Rico Jimenez honored Sion's memory by tackling a set wave at Pipe. Photo: Noyle
Kala Alexander was on hand to say goodbye to his Kauai brethren. Photo: Noyle
Amid a solid swell at Pipeline, friends of Sion Milosky gathered to pay tributes to their fallen friend. Photo: Noyle