Year Zero Premiere

Shots from a night of post-apocalyptic surfing

In the back of an industrial warehouse in Costa Mesa, Globe premiered their vision of surfing in the end of days. Although the night started with a slough of technical difficulties, the bar kept the masses appeased until the film got underway and showcased some phenomenal surfing accompanied by Mad Max imagery and the occasional naked Indian girl. Below are photos from the big night.

Mad Max and Taj Burrow have similar taste in automobiles. Photo: Lowe-White
Nate Tyler takes a moment to discuss the nuances of surfing during the apocalypse. Photo: Lowe-White
Dion Agius and his beard had impressive performances in the heaving French beachbreaks that appeared in the film. Photo: Lowe-White
Fans of both surfing and beer flocked to the industrial compound en masse. Photo: Lowe-White
Taj Burrow takes it above the lip and onto the big screen. Photo: Lowe-White