Return of the South

Swell Recap: Return of the South

SoCal surfers woke up on Sunday to the tune of aching joints, sore shoulders, and sunburn spent from a weekend of marathoning at their locals breaks, thanks to the true south that ended a lengthy wave drought. Conditions were solid and[...]

Showcase: Kenny Hurtado

Showcase: Kenny Hurtado

[This feature originally appeared in the 58.5 Issue of SURFER, “Community”] Few young artists avoid the anxiety of influence. Southern California photographer Kenny Hurtado—who picked up a camera while taking photography [...]

Down the Line

Photos: Down the Line at J-Bay

The Corona Open J-Bay concluded a couple of weeks ago, but the surfing that transpired on the walls of Jeffreys Bay has been seared into our memory banks. It was no doubt one of the best events of the year, if not in the top 5 of the p[...]