Baby Buggy Carbon Wrap

Taj requested “Something short and fun, but still a (normal) board. Nothing too fishy. Right about, or just over, my typical volume. Just squished down and playful”. We started with his 5’9″ × 18.25″ × 2.25″ (24.50L) Beach Buggy, and restructured it to 5’6″ × 18.63″ × 2.25″. We filled in the rails and foil until it sat at 25 liters flat, then relaxed the entire rocker, so the new bottom curve nestles perfectly within the curve of the original 5’9″. He’s able to draw the same lines despite of a much shorter rail line. Domestication with a high-performance twist.

Website: lostsurfboards.net


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Product Details


6′ 0″ × 20″ × 2.5″ (33.6L)


MB thruster


Intermediate – expert

Ideal Wave Size

Waist to head high