Australian photographer Woody Gooch’s work would be equally at home in a modern art gallery or a surf magazine. His aesthetic doesn’t often cater to the high-action, high-zoom imagery, and his favorite subjects aren’t plastered all over high performance-driven advertisements. He’s not concerned with the latest tricks or the number of stickers on one’s surfboard. Instead, his goal is to immerse the viewer in a moment that feels tangible and relatable - as though you were watching the moment happen right before your very eyes.

Over the past few years, photography has led Woody around the world, from the far stretches of Indonesia and Morocco, back to his beautiful home zone of Noosa, and through the western world, too. With subjects ranging from Ryan Callinan and Dusty Payne to Harrison Roach and Derrick Disney, enjoy this little voyage through the lens of one of surf photography’s modern nomads and imagine yourself in each moment, as if you were swimming in those waters, or standing alongside, feet in the sand.

- Garrett James

Title Photo & Above: Derrick Disney, Morocco

Derrick Disney, Harrison Roach, and Kai Hing, Morocco

Desert Point

Harrison Roach, Morocco

Ryan Callinan, Lakey Peak

Josh Kerr, Rocky Point

Harrison Roach, South Sumatra

Harrison Roach, Morocco

Dusty Payne, Lakey Peak


South Sumatra

Thomas Beckson, North Noosa

Dusty Payne, Lakey Peak

Derrick Disney, Morocco