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2010 SURFER Poll Video Highlights

Speeches and Tributes that Made Last Year’s Award Show Special

We dedicated the 2010 SURFER Poll to Andy Irons, who tragically passed away in early November 2010, less than a month before the award show. Matt Beauchesne created this tribute to the 2002–2004 World Champion.

In a touching moment, Bruce Irons accepted the SURFER Poll No. 6 award on behalf of his brother.

Filmmaker Kai Neville accepted the Movie of the Year award for his groundbreaking feature Modern Collective.

Looking more like a supermodel than a four-time World Champion, Stephanie Gilmore accepted her 2010 SURFER Poll No. 1 award.

Kelly Slater accepts his 16th SURFER Poll No. 1 award, but begs the crowd to "please vote for Dane Reynolds next year, because the guy has never won anything."