flor de cana
flor de cana

2015 SURFER Poll: Best Documentaries

A look at this year's documentaries that inspired and informed

Many deserving documentaries lined the field for the 2015 SURFER Poll Best Documentary category. From a beautiful portrait of the savior of Chile’s Punta de Lobos, to the story of one of the oldest and most lovable groms, to the history of one of surfing’s most beloved board designs, these films investigate the people and places who continually challenge and expand our collective understanding of what it means to surf and be a surfer in today’s world. Put on your thinking caps and check out the nominees before the winner is unveiled on SURFERPoll.com on December 6th.

The Fisherman’s Son (Chris Malloy)

Curt (Brendan Hearne)

Fish (Joseph Ryan)

Brainwork: Anthony Tashnick (Kyle Buthman)