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Best Performance: Josh Kerr

2011 SURFER Poll

Some pro surfers devote their lives to winning a world title. The rest are trying to win this trophy. The Best Performance award honors the surfer who's put together the best performance in a film this year, and 2011 featured so many incredible displays of modern surfing, we were only able to narrow the field to seven nominees. In the end, Josh Kerr's endless succession of airs and tubes in his signature film The Kerrazy Kronicles edged out a star-studded field.

2011 SURFER Poll Best Performance Nominees
Dean Morrison (A Dingo's Tale)
John John Florence (Get-N-Classic)
Josh Kerr (The Kerrazy Kronicles)
Carissa Moore (Leave A Message)
Dusty Payne (Lost Atlas)
Yadin Nicol (Year Zero)
CJ Hobgood (Year Zero)