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flor de cana

Movie of the Year: Year Zero

2011 SURFER Poll

What would surfing be without surf films? They entertain and inspire, and once a year a film comes along that changes the course of surfing. Built on memorable performances by Damien Hobgood, Yadin Nicol, Dion Agius, Nate Tyler, and a herculean effort by CJ Hobgood, Year Zero wasn't your cookie-cutter surf porn. From colors to the tight zoom that made you feel like you were in the lineup, Director Joe G gave Globe's film a heavily stylized feel that helped make it the must-see film of 2011.

2011 SURFER Poll Movie of the Year Nominees
Lost Atlas (Directed by Kai Neville)
Year Zero (Directed by Joe Guglielmino)
Kerrazy Kronicles (Directed by Josh Kerr and Matt Scorringe)
Get-N-Classic (Directed by Graham Nash and Regan Ritchie)
Come Hell or High Water (Directed by Keith Malloy)