US Vs. Them | Episode 4: Kolohe Andino


Today in US vs. Them, the arrival on the scene of the 2009 NSSA National Open Men’s Champion. We present for your consideration: Kolohe Andino.

Check back daily for new episodes all this week. The voting period begins Wednesday, November 18th in the categories of:

Best Wave
Best Aerial
Best Maneuver
Best Team

Put in your vote for a chance to win your own version of this super-vacation in the Telo Islands.

About US Vs. Them:

Since you’ve surely seen the December issue of SURFING by now, you know the secret to wealth, women and fame. If you haven’t seen the December issue…well that’s on you. It’s in lots of stores.

The issue’s “US vs. Them” feature (page 96) shows two teams of young shredders teeing off in the Telo Islands for national supremacy. One team is American, comprised of Kolohe Andino, Nat Young and Alana Blanchard. The other is Australian: Owen Wright, Garrett Parkes and Laura Enever. Blondes. All of them.

The waves were flawless in the Telos, and the surfing was World Tour quality on both sides. Which country came away with bragging rights? Neither – yet. As the article explains (get that damn magazine), you the reader have a civic duty to watch the trip’s webisodes on over the coming days and vote on who ripped hardest. It will not be an easy decision. There will be fierce debates and many vote recounts. Families may be torn apart. But the truth will emerge and a victor will be crowned. Will it be US? Or Them?

Best of all, by voting, you’re entered to win a trip for two to the Resort Latitude Zero ( featured in the magazine and webisodes. It appears to be a 5-star luxury hideaway with perfect waves to match. You’ll want to be going.

So watch the footage, pick your jaw up off the floor, and cast a vote. To do otherwise would be downright un-patriotic.


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