3rd Annual F.G.R’s Billabong Still Frothy Surf Festival


Photos: Brent Lieberman

Blessed! That's the word that described the 3rd annual F.G.R's Billabong Still Frothy Surf Festival this past weekend. For months now the central coast of California had seen a serious lack of waves with horrendous onshore winds. But that all changed this weekend! As Groundswell Coffee warmed us up the fog cleared and the sun reared its head and on both days the competitors were greeted with very contestable head high to occasional overhead swells and gentle to moderate side and offshore winds! Fortunately the sun burned its way through the fog to help power the UPG Ecotricity solar powered generator (http://upgi.com/Products/products.aspx?cat=56). This could have very well been the first solar powered contest ever, but sure hope it's not the last! On top of the great waves the sponsors came through big time this year. We had tons of goodies for prizes and giveaways. On top of it Pixelmags came in with $2,000 for the winning Tow At team, Radiology Asscoiates came in with $1,500 for Pro-am winner, Toyota/Honda/Scion of Santa Maria presented the Junior Guards of Oceano with a $500 check, a $500 check for the Juniors winner and a $500 check to the Toyota Iron Man and on top of that Billabong put in $500 for 2nd place in both the Tow At and Pro-am ($1,00 total) for a grand total purse of $7,500!

Saturday saw the groms frothing most of the morning but make way for the Tow At Air Challenge specialist at 11am. Teams Reef (Nick Rosza & Austin Smith-Ford) and Analog (Josh Hoyer & Bobby Okvist) stuck giant airs and took 1st and 2nd respectively. 1st place team won $2,000 while the 2nd place team won $500. Great showings were offered up by Billabong's Jake Halstead & Cody Thompson, Rip Curl's Trevor Thornton & Pat Curren as well. Once the Tow At Air Challenge was wrapped up we got back to the groms, boys, juniors and the tiny push ins. Stand outs were Trevor Thornton, Pat Curren, Isiah Hansen and Braden Jones just to name a few. Results for these divisions are below. After all the goodies, prizes and trophies were handed out we ran up to Hoagies and watched a recap of the Tow At Air Challenge specialist. There we voted on best maneuvers. Nick Rosza won $100 for best overall air, Bobby Okvist won $100 for best rotation, Adam Virs won $100 for best carve/cutback, Cody Thompson won a HSA tow rope for best attempt and Pat Curren won a $250 bro-card from Kustom for the sketchiest wipe out. He almost pulled a Gerry Lopez! Google it! On top of this Josh Hoyer won $500 as this year's Toyota Iron Man. He's been the hardest working surfing over the past few years and it was a well-deserved award for him! Lastly Channel Islands hooked up super amped and compassionate surf grom Johny Mcelgunn and long time & dedicated MC Champ with some really fun surfboards that had been ridden by the amazing Channel Islands surf team.

Sunday carried over most of the Tow At Air Challenge crew over along with other Californian and Hawaiian surfers to the pro-am division who were absolutely ripping. I have to go out on a limb here and say that the semis and final were some of the best contest surfing I've seen in our area. It was amazing. Reverses were being thrown down like MC Champ was throwing down one line zingers. More entertainment that a Sunday matinee! Absolutely ripping and just missing the finals were Nick Rosza, Johny Norris, Trevor Thornton, Shaun Burns, Matt Myers and several other just to name a few.

10 & Under Push In:
1st – Noah Davis
2nd – Nicolas Fernendes
3rd – Shane Adamski
4th – Jake Harvey
5th – Nate Penton
6th – Nick Worrell

11 to 14 Boys:
1st – Isiah Hansen
2nd – Braden Jones
3rd – Jonah Pierce
4th – Jeff Kenrel
5th – Joey Masters
6th – Dane Holroyd

11 to 17 Girls:
1st – Abby Brown
2nd – Evie Burke
3rd – Tori Burke
4th – Riley Cabanoro
5th – Jade Pierce
6th – Katie Huck

15 to 17 Juniors:
1st – Trevor Thornton – $500 present by Honda of Santa Maria
2nd – Pat Curren
3rd – Vinnie Leonelli
4th – Tryden Brown

1st – Cody Thompson – $1,750 presented by Radiology Associates
2nd – Torre Meister – $500 presented by Billabong
3rd – Johny Craft – $350
4th – Pat Curren – $150
5th – Austin Smith-Ford $100
6th – Tyler Payne – $50

Tow At:
1st – Team Reef, Nick Rosza & Austin Smith-Ford -$2,000 presented by Pixelmags
2nd – Team Analog, Josh Hoyer & Bobby Okvist – $500 presented by Billabong
$100 Best Air – Reef's Nick Rosza
$100 Best Rotation – Analog's Bobby Okvist
$100 Best Carve/Cutback – Quiksilver's Adam Virs

HSA (High Surf Accessories) tow rope for Best Attempt – Billabong's Cody Thompson
Kustom Shoes $250 Brocard for best wipeout – Rip Curl's Pat Curren
$100 and swag to Brycen for videoing!