And Now, A Few Words From Ryan Callinan

Ryan Callinan // 19 // Newcastle, NSW:

I think you have to have a nice style these days to really get anywhere. Someone like Craig Anderson has an amazing style, everything just seems to happen for him without trying, or so it looks anyway.

I guess some people try to look like they're not trying. But you shouldn't have to try that hard. I think it just comes naturally, and if everything's natural it looks better.

You kind of know when you actually make something, I guess. If you're stuck in the wash and you don't really make it, yeah, you might be bummed. And if it's a contest, you won't get the score, and you're really bummed. But if it's for a video section, if it's cuttable, it's OK, because sometimes you can kind of trick people. I guess that's bad to say.

Some things I do and I'm like, "Ah, that feels sick," and you land it and try to stand up enough just to get the cut. But sometimes that looks so bad that you're like, "Oh no, I should have just given up when I had the chance."

Good surfers these days need power surfing, too. There is nothing I like more than seeing someone do a massive hack in the pocket. I'd rather do that than a big air.

For me, a lot of that has to do with growing up watching Hoyo [Matt Hoy]. I've seen him try like two airs in his life.

I saw a turn Taylor Knox did this year in Hawaii that was probably the best turn I've ever seen. I was just like, "Oh my gosh. I want to do that."

Filming for the Billabong movie, I was telling Victor [Pakpour, filmmaker], "I don't want my section to just be airs." Everyone probably just thinks I'm an air guy, but I want to have some carves in there, which — I can't really do them —but every now and then I do one.

Combos are where it's at. If you've got a big turn in there somewhere, I'll notice that more. Movie sections these days, it's just big air after big air, but when you see a big turn you go, "Whoa, that's different."

Boards have a lot to do with it. Dane's pulling it off; he can ride anything and pull off a big hack and a big air, so everyone's like, "Ah, I can do that too." But they get on those small boards and their turns just don't look as big. [Dane] can do it all on those boards but pretty much no one else can.

Interviewed by Taylor Paul. Portrait by Jimmicane

Photo: Tom Carey

Photo: Jimmicane