Baby Cobras Contest Finalists Announced: Young Filmers

Baby Cobras

The public has spoken, and it’s voice has been heard. The kind-hearted Facebook community has reached its hand into a pit of snakes and selected five serpents from the depths of the film entries. But wait, surprise! We have selected one wildcard from each category. Elementary math has taught us that we now have six hopeful young filmers moving on to the next round. It’s like making it to Hollywood in American Idol, but without that mean British guy. Being the celebratory bastards we are, we would like to commend all of our beautiful finalists. We would also like to invite you to check out their work. Maybe then you could commend them too — unless you’re mean and British.

Without further fluff, we give you the six filming finalists. We’ll announce the winner on November 1st.

Click to view films:

Jonathon Morris, North Carolina

Shawn Tyler, Rhode Island

Benjamin Sitten, Florida

Jack Chellemi, California

Scott, California

Wildcard: Matt Payne, California