Hacking The Vans U.S. Open: Friday

brett and steph-jimmicane“OMG you going to the SURFING Factory party Friday?” Photo: Jimmicane

The Vans US Open of Surfing is a clusterfuck.

There's stuff going on everywhere, and it's hard to know where to be at any given time. In the spirit of keeping you happy and informed, we've created an unofficial itinerary to Huntington Beach's yearly bender.

Here's where you need to be on Friday, July 29th:

kanoa-tarasKanoa and the home court. Photo: Taras

Event: Mens QS Heat 6
Where: Le Pier
When: 12:15 PM
Why: American youth is making its presence known at the Open! Two of our favorite tenagers, Kanoa Igarashi and Griffin Colapinto, have put on powerful performances so far, landing them in the same heat in the round of 24. They will come up against Torrey Meister, who will do his best to end the youthful revolution. Let's hope he doesn't.

grayson fletcher-jimmicane

Event: Vans Pro Skate Qualifier
Where: Le Park
When: 2-6 PM
Why: Because unlike the tempestuous ocean, the skatepark is always firing! Come see some of our favorite crossover athletes like Greyson Fletcher and Curren Caples as they fly to unimaginable heights in the concrete jungle.

Event: Life Rolls On Expression Session
Where: Le Pier
When: 2:15 PM
Why: On top of showing respect to the people who surf despite their disabilities, this event should give you some perspective on life. You're at the US Open to have a good time, and by all means you should do that, but you should also take an hour to appreciate the simple things in life. Like the fact that your legs and arms work and allow you to surf whenever you damn well wish.

matt banting-hammondsMatt Banting will be there. Will you? Photo: Hammonds

Event: The SURFING Factory Movie Premiere/After party with DJ Corey Wilson
Where: The Bungalow
When: Movie starts at 7:30, but get there early if you plan on being able to watch it! Max capacity is 400.
Why: The Factory is the best surf-media trip idea in the past decade. We took the typical good surfers in good waves approach, but added an original twist: live action updates! Come meet the Factory workers themselves, as we will be watching the full length film and partying with the boys afterwards.

*Daily tip: The best place to meet your future girlfriend or boyfriend is from the competitors' area. Guys and gals love perceived greatness. If you can't wiggle your way in there, try the Paul Fisher method: run around with a camcorder and a microphone and act like a complete psychopath. Girls also love pseudo-confidence.