Get Well, KaiBorg – Hawaiian heavy suffers a heart attack

Hawaiian heavy suffers a heart attack

_MG_1759The one and only. Photo: Sherm

Life has a way of constantly surprising us. Unfortunately, some of the time those surprises aren’t very good.

Over the weekend, Hawaiian surfer Kai “KaiBorg” Garcia suffered a heart attack. Kai’s in his mid-40s and you’ve ever been to the North Shore, or if you’ve ever seriously contemplated going to the North Shore, or if you’ve seen anything from the Volcom house ever, then you know KaiBorg — he’s the big guy. The one who is physically strong enough flip your car over, but chooses to tell you a joke with a smile instead. He’s a fixture. He’s legend. He’s…KaiBorg. And right now, KaiBorg is in the hospital.

While this information remains unconfirmed, a source close to Kai told us that his heart attack lead to surgery. The good news is that everything seems to be going well. Kai is taking those first few steps of recovery in good (albeit muscly) stride. He should be back on the North Shore soon, back to coaching Volcom kids through workouts and not flipping your car over.

But until then, we just wanted to take the time to send some well wishes his way.