The North Shore Surf Shop Pipeline Pro Junior Sets New Standard

It's no secret that the Banzai Pipeline is the most exciting and dangerous wave in the world and to win an event out there is one of the most prestigious achievements in the sport of Surfing.

On March 14, 2013 history was made as Kalani David won the 2nd annual Pipeline Pro Junior in a tightly contested final. Kalani surfed incredible the entire event and at the young age of 15 he showed skill and knowledge of the ocean beyond his years. Kalani will undoubtedly be a stand out at Pipeline in the future and this event will serve as a massive confidence booster as rises in the ranks of the A.S.P.

Koa Smith from Kauai came second and put on an incredible performance through out the event, even posting a 10 point ride in the semi finals.

Carlos Munoz from Costa Rica placed 3rd in the event and also posted a 10 point ride in the early round of the contest.

Nathan Florence was a break out performer finishing 4th in the final but also had some incredible rides and wipeouts during the event showing that he will be one to contend with in the future!

Over the course of the two day event the waves were going off at Pipeline. The first day was 6 – 10 feet with multiple second reef waves rolling in through out the day, providing the ultimate proving ground for the Junior Surfer's.

The young surfer's showed that they are not afraid as the entire field charged the scary waves that were stacking on the shallow reef.

There were many death defying wipe outs and incredible rides. The second and final day of the event dropped to 4 to 6 foot Pipe and Backdoor. The morning of the final day saw a number of incredible rides, Luke Shepardson had multiple Back Door barrels in one heat posting a 19 point total. Josh Moniz surfed like a veteran getting shacked at Pipe and Backdoor. Landon McNamara , Kuakini Cassidy and Ulu boy Napehai also had some stand out barrels.

Skip Mucullough and Myles Toner from California made names for themselves charging the whole event and making the semi's and quarters respectively. Colt Ward from San Clemente also had a good showing making the Quarter Final's.

After Skip's first round heat win over good buddy Jake Halstead he said " Those were the gnarliest and scariest waves I've ever surfed and I'm psyched my good friend Jake was out there with me. That was the best session of my life!" Cam Richards from South Carolina also put in a great performance

Another highlight of the event was the North Shore Surf Shop crew of mega groms paddling out in massive Pipeline conditions. Their ages range from 12 to 13 and their weight ranges from 65 to 100 pounds but watching these little guys walk down to the water and paddle out at 2nd reef Pipe was truly amazing!

Makana Pang led the charge getting a nice little barrel and almost upsetting Junior super star Parker Coffin. Barron Mamiya, Finn McGill, Noah Beschen and Wyatt Mchale all paddled out in their heats and got waves in the treacherous conditions showing incredible courage and desire to perform at the Pipeline.

The Junior girls also had the opportunity to compete at Pipeline and Tatiana Webb took full advantage showing that she has tube riding skills and big moves on her way to the win! Tatiana scored a 9 point ride on a long barrel in the semis and took that momentum straight to the final. Briana Cope finished 2nd, Dax McGill 3rd and Bailey Nagy 4th.

The girls put on a great performance showing they also have the desire and skill to surf Pipe. This will serve as an incredible learning experience for all of the competitors in the event.

With the completion of two major Pro Junior events at Sunset Beach and Pipeline a new standard is being set for the future of Junior Surfing. These events will serve as the ultimate training ground in preparing the next generation of aspiring professional surfers for the A.S.P World Tour and with continued support from sponsors we plan to grow these events and add other events until there is a proper Pro Junior tour for the next generation to use as a springboard into professional surfing.