Volcom’s Blowfish Surf Series-Seaside Reef, Cardiff


Volcom Stones
Blowfish Surf Series
Seaside Reef, Cardiff

Brent Reilly
Brent Reilly

As traffic began to bring the busy 101 to a standstill at 5:45 am on Friday we knew we would have no shortage of competitors for the first Blowfish event this season at Seaside Reef. The only problem was where were the waves? However time and time again Mother Nature pulls through for Volcom and pretty much the split second the ranger unlocked the gate we began seeing little sets run down the beach. By the time we began setting up there were some ultra rippable 2-4 ft little wedges filling the beach and kids were already out in the water shredding first thing.

Gabe Garcia
Gabe Garcia

As soon as the first heat entered the water, there was complete mayhem everywhere. From Groms running wild with water balloons to an overgrown muscle man attempting to tackle and fight 8-10 year old Groms, the day was hectic and filled with all the mayhem one could ask for. The action in the water was equally intense as Groms and Pro's alike mercilessly shredded the rippable little wedges. With the day running from sun up to sun down it was amazing to see such debauchery for over 12 straight hours.

Teppeita Jima
Teppei Tajima

By the time the finals rolled around the mangy 170 competitors had been whittled down to only 24 and the Girls were up first. As soon as they entered the water, the amount of splashing generated by their paddle battling ways could not even be matched by a set wave at Teaupoo. Heather Jordan started the heat off with a solid score but soon Alexa Frantz overtook her with a combination of solid waves. Marissa Shaw grabbed a good wave earlier in the heat and finally found a good couple backup waves towards the end of the heat putting her in second place. The real standout ended up being Mackenzie Kessler who managed to grab 3 solid scores giving her the win, an insane Riviera complete and a backpack bursting with prizes. Darlene Conolly and Cassidy Wehsner rounded out the rest of the final.

Taylor Clark
Taylor Clark

The Groms were up next and looked hungrier than a pack of hyenas. Nic Hdez came all the way from Santa Cruz and started the heat off with a bang grabbing 3 huge scores right off the bat. However Colin Moran's strategy of catching every wave that moved paid off when he lucked into two solid waves back to back giving him an 8 and a 7, which he followed up with a 6. For much of the heat it looked like the win was Colin's for the taking until Taylor Clark managed to find two huge scores in the dying minutes to back up his 8 early on. For his last minute heroics, Taylor walked away with the win, a Volcom electric guitar, Riviera complete and more prizes then he knew what to do with. Jake Marshall, Skip McCullough, and Jay Christenson were ripping unbelievably hard all day but had to settle for 4th 5th and 6th in the action packed final.

Ricky Whitlock
Ricky Whitlock

The Juniors hit the water looking more pissed off than the overgrown behemoth on the beach after him and his two lady friends were tagged repeatedly with water balloons by a pack of overzealous Groms. Tommy Wehsner grabbed some decent mid range scores right off the bat to give him the early lead. However, last weekend's winner Erik Heimstaedt wasn't going to back down easily and grabbed a 7 and some solid backups giving him the lead. But when the final buzzer rang it was Bobby Okvist who stood victorious with 3 solid scores giving him the win, a huge Riviera complete, and more prizes then he could ever hope to cram inside his car for the drive home. Brothers Jared and Taylor Thorne, and Brandon Manguso rounded out the back half of the final.

Ricky's Pay Day
Ricky's Pay Day

As the sun began to set the Pro Am dudes paddled out in a setting straight out of a Wild West shootout. After watching the entire heat I'd say a shootout wouldn't hold a candle to these dudes as they went air for air and slash for slash in one of the most glorious displays of surfing ever seen by human eyes. Adam Lambert started the heat off with a solid mid range score feeling comfortable since he was already in contention for the Electric Volt Thrower move of the day. However Ricky Whitlock looked hungry for the cash and launched an insane Superman to put himself in both the lead for the Volt Thrower award and the Final. Adam Lambert quickly answered back with a full rotation backside 3 catapulting him back into the lead for the Volt Thrower. Suddenly Michel Flores came to the party launching a massive straight air over a section which he landed cleanly and continued to rip the hell out of the rest of the wave giving him a nine. However when the final buzzer rang Ricky Whitlock stood victorious for the win, $500 cash, and enough prizes to fill a dump truck, while Michel had to settle for second. Adam Lambert walked away with the Electric Volt Thrower move of the day and third place. Gabe Garcia, Eric Torres and Brent Reilly were all going ballistic in the final but couldn't match the high flying attack of the other three and had to settle for 4th 5th and 6th.


1. Ricky Whitlock – $500.00
2. Michel Flores
3. Adam Lambert
4. Gabe Garcia
5. Eric Torres
6. Brent Reilly

1. Bobby Okvist
2. Erik Heimstaedt
3. Tommy Wehsner
4. Jared Thorne
5. Taylor Thorne
6. Brandon Manguso

1. Taylor Clark
2. Colin Moran
3. Nic Hdez
4. Jake Marshall
5. Skip McCullough
6. Jay Christenson

1. Mackenzie Kessler
2. Marissa Shaw
3. Alexa Frantz
4. Heather Jordan
5. Darlene Conolly
6. Cassidy Weshner

Electric Volt Thrower
Adam Lambert – $50