The Positivity Of Sebastian Zietz

_S8A1555Sebastian Zietz. Photo: Peter Taras

It's an ironic sucker punch that Sebastian Zietz caught the wave of his life in a heat he would lose by .21 points, ruining his hopes of a 2016 CT berth. Seabass finished the year just two slots away from qualification. With Bede Durbidge likely out for the year, just one. That's enough to torture even the most confident people. Even Seabass. And while his near miss leveled him for a time, he's bounced back, bringing his positive energy to those around him. Or, as he puts it, "spreading the aloha, brah!" —Taylor Paul

SEABASS: After that heat at Pipe, I was probably the most bummed I've ever been. I got that 10 and it was probably the best wave of my life — I'll never forget the vision I had in that barrel — but it was bittersweet because I didn't requalify.

I was super bummed, but that's for myself. I don't want to bum other people out by being negative, so I took a second after that heat and had my little moment. I'd like to think it didn't last that long, although if you ask my girlfriend she'd probably say it lasted a bit longer. [laughs] Still, there's no reason to bring that around everyone else. Sometimes you see people have a bad session and come in and bum everyone out, but if you're going to be negative, do it on your own time. When you're around people you should be happy and…uh, spread the aloha, brah! [laughs]

There aren't a lot of good things about falling off tour, but one thing is that I get to spend a lot more time at home on Kauai. The three years I was on the CT I did both tours — the 12 CT events and like eight Primes, too — so it's pretty much the craziest grind ever. I'd spend like two months at home the whole year. But hopefully next year, with the way the injury wildcard works, I'll be able to get into a few CT events. Either way, it's nice to be here with the family. There's no better place to call home.