5 O’Clock Doodle with Kid Creature


Ten-year-old Calvin Saxton likes to draw, and he was nice enough to share some of his work with us for our 5 O'Clock Doodle. Check back every day this week for more of Cal's art, and to see additional drawings or buy a Kid Creature T-shirt, go to his website. A portion of the T-shirt proceeds go toward fighting Cystic Fibrosis.


Cal says:

I get inspiration from looking at random things, and I will keep the idea in my head 'til I have a pencil and paper.

I started putting my art on T-shirts because my dad's neighbor had a shirt printer and I wanted to make a gift for my friends.

My favorite

…thing to draw is my robot, BuzzKill.
…artist is Jason Maloney.
…surfer is Ford Archbold and Andrew Doheny.
…band is Party Theft.
…TV show is New Pollution.