Baby Take it Off!: Pay Full Retail Day

Da Hui

Baby Take It Off!

It is no secret that our surf industry is suffering. It suffered, initially, at the hand of a world economy undone by greed and predatory lending. It continued to suffer as consumers fearfully horded their dollars. And it suffers today, even as the world economy is bouncing back, because surfers are cheap bastards.

We steal wax from our friends. We get bro deals from our shapers. We wait for sales at our surf shops. We rarely walk in and pull a wetsuit or t-shirt or hoody or pair of boardshorts or sunglasses and take them up to the counter along with our credit cards and pay full pop. We have come to expect that our surf industry serve us with surf contests, pros to cheer for, free beer at parties and free or discounted clothing from time to time. We forgot, somewhere along the way, that the surf industry made it possible to live a dream. Shame on us all.

And so, today, let us rectify our past sins and buy. Let us go online, or into a shop, and purchase one thing. Quiksilver has done an amazing collab with Diane Von Furstenberg. We can buy bikinis for our girlfriends. Billabong has done a notable pairing with White Mike that aims to save sharks. We can buy photo sublimated tank tops. Fox, Rip Curl, Volcom, Hurley, Vans, Reef, O'Neill, Insight, Body Glove, …Lost all make something worth having. Da Hui makes a simple black boardshort that echoes glories past. I just now dropped them into my shopping basket and, click, they are mine. It is the best $55 I have ever spent.