Bobby Martinez’ Sea Sic

Bobby Martinez in Sea Sic
Bobby Martinez in Sea Sic.

So maybe F–k The World (FTW) came off a little strong for the surf industry. Maybe a better fit for MMA? Not like Bobby cared or anything, but when that was done, he was feeling antsy, feeling creative. And Bobby's not one to sit around and twiddle his thumbs. The guy needs sport, needs something to do. Between conducting interviews and writing us an insightful feature for the newest issue, he'd started his own clothing line. On the verge of launching, he tells us of his label.

SURFING: How did Sea Sic come about?
Bobby: I'd say back in September or October last year, my sponsor FTW had run its course, so I decided to make my own brand. Basically, create my own sponsor. Right now it's just shirts and hats, but we'll see how that does. I'd love to eventually make a whole clothing line, from head to toe.

What happened with FTW?
The owner — Bobby Vaughn — came to me when I first got sponsored and offered me a tiny percentage of the company with a little bit of pay. So I signed with them and that was my deal. But then after I'd been onboard for about 8-10 months, I think he just basically ran out of money. I'm not even so sure if they're a company anymore. I mean they signed Kala [Alexander] too, and then stopped paying him, then stopped paying me; I really don't know what happened, to tell you the truth. I know that the owner had a big vision and some great ideas, and wanted to dip into action sports, but when the money ran dry, that was the end for me.

Are you selling any clothes yet?
For now, we'll be selling and shipping from the website, which launches really soon, in early August. That's when the rest of the hats come in. Hopefully if that goes well, then we'll get it into shops. Right now, we've got five different styles of shirts and two different styles of hats, all in various colors.

Would you want to sponsor other surfers in the future?
Oh, man I would love to sponsor some kids. Shit, I'd love to do that right now, but the brand needs to grow first and make a little money before I can even think about paying anyone [laughs]. Yeah, team riders would be a great goal to achieve. Honestly, I'd love to get legit and maybe down the line, the brand could compete with some others. Or at least give some kids another option besides Quiksilver or Billabong.

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