Cuando Caliente el Sol

Dane Gudauskas serenades his surroundings.
Dane Gudauskas serenades his surroundings.

Video by Adur Letamendia

Dane, you've just recovered from a pretty serious ankle injury. Has this given you time to explore some other musical talents?
I actually just got back in the water this past week after being out of the ocean for three months with a pretty severe ankle injury. It was tough to be out of the water for that long, but a lot of time opened up, and I really started to explore the space. I’ve been working really hard mentally and physically to get back and it feels great, plus i learned a lot of skills that I probably wouldn’t have had time to do before my injury.

Tell us a little bit more about the instrument you're playing. Where did you first get introduced to it?
That instrument is an autoharp, my grandma gave it to us a little while back. My grandma came from Lithuania and she was a composer, so she’d probably be pretty happy to see me giving the autoharp a strum. It’s got a great sound, and its fun to mess around on.

Did San Clemente High's Spanish program properly prepare you for the vocals in this song?
Ha! Ya I guess Spanish class equipped me with the fundamentals and stuff. I made it all the way to Spanish 3, but I think I was a senior and I had it 6th period with my brother. No one else seemed to have a 6th period as a senior, so we were in the class with all these Hispanic freshmen and sophomore kids who were just taking the class to cruise and fill credits. It was pretty classic, they would just teach us random slang and we would listen to Mexican rap songs. Plus, our good friend Adur Letamendia from Zarautz has been living with us for the past few months so i guess his Spanish influence has been rubbing off on us.

Can we expect to hear you playing live anywhere anytime soon?
So far my only audience has been the plants in the yard. There are some indigenous sage brush out there, and they haven’t walked out on me during a performance yet, they seem pretty well rooted. Plus whenever I jam with the boys I’m always stoked and we have a good ol’ time.

Is your whole ambiance derived from this chosen musical genre?
I love this song, and i think the jam came out classic! Adur is a wizard with the camera and we had a fun time. My whole vibe is that I enjoy having a good time, laughing and feeling positive. I dig on all musical genres really. Cuando Caliente el Sol is beautiful, and if a cute Spanish girl happens to sprout out of my garden some day, you’ve got to be prepared to sing, you know what i’m saying?

Thanks Dane. We enjoyed your performance.