InfluencING Kekoa “Bam” Bacalso


WatchING: I recently watched the movie, The Descendants. It’s a pretty mental flick and was really believable for a fictional Hawaiian story! I swear, they nailed it on recreating that part of Hawaiian society. When it comes to TV, I can watch Sports Center on repeat and watch the highlights over and over again!

ReadING: Let’s just say I browse intently. That new Maxim Magazine, for example, blew my mind with how many hot chicks there are in there.

BrowsING: Iʻve always loved to cook — cause we all know mama isnʻt going to be there to make you a home cooked meal when you’re on the grind in bum-f#$k Egypt. I spend some time on It’s a blog on all the different types of meals and recipes you can chef up. I absolutely killed it on some but made straight up made dog food on a couple.

PlayING: I live in the middle of the island in a town full of jocks! Iʻll play the occasional pick-up basketball game down the street from my house (Kipapa Park). But itʻs been pretty brutal cause we always get smoked by these little groms. Itʻs a good work out, but my all-around game is pretty shocking. Iʻm the hell H.O.R.S.E player and that’s about where it ends. Yew!

ConsumING: I just recently bought an iPhone 4s. The buggah is so mean! Instagram has recently took over my life. I’m messing with my phone every two seconds. The battery life is instantly cut in half. I canʻt help myself.

EatING and DrinkING: Living in Hawaii, we have the best food in the world. Pupukea Grill at Sharks Cove has absolutely got my heart all around. Itʻs the spicy Ahi bowl with brown rice, avocado, and teriyaki sauce for the “Iʻm going to surf one more time meal” or the Chicken Katsu curry that will just straight up “kanack attack you” (go sleep).

PartyING: Everybody loves a good night. Hanging with your boys are always good company. We go to this night club called the Addiction. Baby girls on the wide. What happens in the end is all up to you?!

ListenING: If you’re catching rides to the beach with me then you’ll know I have the same CD banging in my truck for the last six months. Iʻm super into the Phantogram song, “When Iʻm Small” at the moment and have it on repeat. Play it before a good surf, cook, clean, rage, or teeth brush. Itʻs that good!