InfluencING Oliver Kurtz

Oliver KurtzOliver Kurtz: not your average surfing human

Words by Oliver Kurtz

WatchING: I haven’t been watching too much TV at all. But when I do, I try to watch CSPAN, The History Channel, FOX & CNN. Knowledge is power. Since I’m out of school, I like to learn new things and get perspectives on current events from both sides (Democrats & Republicans) then make my decision on what this country should do. But when I don’t feel like being educated, I watch re-runs of Family Guy & South Park till I start crying in laughter.

ReadING: I’ve been keeping up with Fashion Mags for awhile, like GQ, Vouge, & even Cosmopolitan. I like not looking and acting like a surfer when I leave the water. Lose the “bro & dudes” dress with a sense of style (ie not wearing hoodies, shorts, & the color brown out at night). GQ tells you what to wear, how to wear it, when to wear it & tools to help you pull that babe that’s only into guys who have something more to say than, “so where are you from?”

BrowsING: Lately, visual inspiration has been coming mainly from skate & snow websites. AWSM keeps a solid pulse updating me with new videos from every spectrum. Also, The Berrics is the best skate website around. Skateboarders tech is next level. We have a lot to learn from them as far as aerials and combos go.

PlayING: I can’t play any music instrument so I stay away from guitars and keyboards. I love playing Country Club sports though. Tennis & golf are amazing hobbies. Probably better at them than I am at surfing. But that’s neither here nor there. A good thing to pass the time in a car, airplane, or train is the app Temple Run. MOST ADDICTING GAME EVER! MORE THAN CALL OF DUTY & HALO COMBINED.

ConsumING: I haven’t had a sunglass sponsor for awhile, so I buy sunglasses every month or two. Expensive ones. It’s a really bad habit that I’m trying to break. Retro Super Future, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Dolce & Gabanna’s are in rotation at the moment. The rest of my money goes into airplane tickets, board bag fees, three meals a day, and bar tabs.

EatING and DrinkING: My food tastes are dictated by the area code I’m in. For example, I’m in Hawaii right now and plate lunches, pork, Haipua pies, and Mai Tai’s at night are in my diet rotation. I’m generally up for anything as far as food goes. As long as I’m surrounded by some good company, I could be eating Ramen Noodles and I’d be happy. I hate eating alone. I actually just hate being alone.

PartyING: There is nothing worse than going out with someone who gets blacked out on the regular and acts like a complete dumbass. Just like I said above, as long as the company is good, the place doesn’t matter. But I do prefer happy hours. Half off drinks, a casual dinner and a few girls early in the night. I hate going out at midnight and not getting home till 6 in the morning and waking up with a deadly hangover.

ListenING: My music tastes run pretty deep. My iTunes is comparable to a club sandwich; I have everything. Well, not everything–I despise Top 40 music with a passion. Can’t stand it. My brother Troy is producing music and he just did a show with Deadmau5 on New Years. It was epic. So I listen to his mixtapes and critique his singles. But lately, I’ve been bumpin’ the ‘Dipset Essential Rap Mix.’ A popular message in their songs is to work hard, do whatever it takes to make yourself successful and don’t take shit from anyone trying to get in your way. 2012 is a huge year for me and i’m working hard to make my dreams come true.