October Issue Outtakes: Living with Intentio

Loic Wirth

"The funny thing about fairy tales is that we forget them so fast," writes 21-year-old Brazilian filmmaker Loic Wirth in the opening of his new film Intentio. "We forget who we are in order to be something we're not."

When he was 16, Wirth began stealing his favorite shots from surf movies and editing them together to make his own. A few years later, armed with his first camera, he started filming surfers around his home in Florianopolis. In 2010, he crafted a gorgeous Innersection part, helping his subject Marco Giorgi become the first South American surfer in a Taylor Steele film. Meanwhile, Loic was already working on his first feature-length release, Intentio, which stunned audiences at this year's San Sebastian Surf Film Festival.

The film is visually poetic with bright, meandering cinematography and a unique vision of surfing. He chases local and international surfers (Craig Anderson, Gabriel Medina, Chippa Wilson and Marco Giorgi) to grandiose locations (New Zealand, Uruguay and France) and achieves a wandering, ethereal effect.

Wirth narrates his films in English ("the international language"), spends half his time in France ("I fell in love") and is addicted to candy bars ("there are worse vices, I suppose."). Here is a man who has not forgotten his fairy tales. —Nathan Myers

Intentio Trailer