Your Weekend Should Sound Like This, With Ricky Whitlock

Ricky Whitlock. Photo: Jimmicane
I like a big variety of music — everything really. So my weekends can easily go from one extreme to another depending on the mood and environment I’m in.

Fabolous – Imma Do it ft Kobe

It’s funny because I didn’t start listening to rap until I bought my Cadillac and got sponsored by Kicker Sound Systems. Once you hear rap with a good system, it’s hard not to like it. It gets you super pumped up and in the mood to party. Every time I hear this song, it puts me in the right mind set to party and have a great time.

Metallica – One

Metallica is, has and always will be my favorite band. This song is so crazy because it’s about a vet getting blown up by a land mine. He loses his arms, legs, speech, hearing, and sight. A lot of people don’t even notice what the song is about. When I hear this song, it just makes me realize how good I have it and how bad things could really be — ike right now with my broken back. I’m just so thankful that I’m not paralyzed (I was less then half an inch from being paralyzed) and that I’ll be able to get back in the water in a couple months.

Xavier Rudd

I have so much respect for anyone who can play the didgeridoo. I have tried to play one of those damn things so many times and I can’t do it! One day I will accomplish this goal. Xavier Rudd is so talented as you can see in this video. He plays all the instruments and sings in all of his songs.

Pennywise – Bro Hymn

Nothing gets me more pumped to go surf than Pennywise, Bad Religion, Anti Flag, etc. I grew up watching all of Taylor Steele’s early videos like Momentum, Focus and The Show. All the new music in the surf videos is cool and goes good with the surfing but it still doesn’t give you that drive to go rip like Pennywise and those bands do.

Nihilist – Nihilist Kills

Nihilist is a band from my area and they f*#king rule!! Every show that I go to I always come out of the mosh pit with a black eye and in no way is the depressing. Keep an eye out for them at a city near you. You won’t be disappointed