Your Weekend Sounds Like This, With Mason Ho

Lost in an abstract thought. Mason Ho. Photo: Taras
Lost in an abstract thought. Mason Ho. Photo: Taras

I love Jimi Hendrix! This song is perfect to slam in the truck before BIG Pipe/Backdoor, Sunset, Waimea Bay or any big waves because it calms you down but still gets you PSYCHED! I think I can put 5 sick Hendrix songs most of you haven’t heard of but I won’t. Plus, if I really want my dad to watch my clips, there has to be Jimi Hendrix, Santana or some old school jams.

Dustin Barca turned me on to this one a couple days ago. I like it because it gets me EXTRA excited to do some damage. My two favorite lyrics in here is “every child deserves to learn” and “he does it like a black, white pride and Mexican. Survive the best he can!”

TREETOP FLYER! I remember I made a couple CDs with this song as every other number so I would have the same song sometimes eight times on a few CDs. I tried to draw planes flying over treetop’s on my boards but that didn’t turn out pretty. There are a bunch of insane lines Stephen Stills drops but, my favorite line is, “I don’t do business that don’t make me smile.”

SOUL REBEL! I Like a BOB MARLEY’s version I got on my computer better but I can’t find it on YouTube(this was the closest version). I always listen to Bob Marley because he was so ahead of his time and my dad has played it for Coco and I since we were babies. So anything The Wailers play (Bunny, Peter tosh, Marley) feels right, and we all are Soul Rebels!

I ain’t scared of none of ya’ll! It’s a sick song for me when I’m on the road doing events and the waves get as big as buildings. I turn it on when I got a heat coming up and the waves are gonna be big. Seems like this song just puts a smile on my face, relaxes me and makes me wanna bang those big waves. Also, the statement in the song is so true. “I aint scared of none of ya’ll”. That’s half the reason why I compete because anybody can beat anybody at anytime. That’s the part I get off to.