SURFING Union: Darcy Ward

Darcy Ward is a man on a mission. Also he has nice hair.

Age: 21
Years Shooting: 5
Preferred Camera Equipment: Red Scarlet
Favorite Subject: The Ocean
Current Residence: Gold Coast
Social: @darcywardvisuals

Talk about an instant success.

Darcy Ward, age 21, five years into a surf film career, has achieved some notable successes in the field. Most recently he acquired an elusive Vimeo Staff Pick for his newest edit with Luke Hynd, titled The Set Menu. Even looking back through his archives, Darcy’s online edits have performed exceptionally well, averaging around 25k CPF (clicks per flick). When you see his movies, it’s obvious why. Darcy manages to find resolute meaning and definition in every person and place that he captures, which translates into overwhelmingly powerful imagery and storytelling. He’s an obvious pick for our SURFING Union team.

Here’s a 2016 reel that Darcy cut just for us.