Around The Cubicle Lightbox Series

"I'm not a surf photographer. I'm an editor of photography. When it comes tophotography I'm pretty lousy but I can fake a good shot every once in awhile. A lot of people think I get to travel the world as my job. But Ispend most my time in the office working with the photographers and makingsure they're out there getting good shots. They are your surf photographers.Not me. When I do pick up the camera, it's usually to shoot our music pageor some guys girlfriend for our whipped page. Here's a little snippet ofsome stuff I've shot over the last couple of years." – Peter Taras SURFING Photo Editor

Asher Nolan Oside Pier
Justin Quirk and I messing around with some flash stuff. This was rightwhen Tom Carey was really getting some gnarly shit with his remote flash setup. So we went out and gave it a go as well.
Gorkin happy.
Mike Losness Laguna
Ian Rotgans in La Jolla
Alex Knost. He loves you.
Mexican girl and Warren Smith in the OC
International Surfing Day 2008: One of the best days of the summer. I wassupposed to shoot all these different little things all day for the magazine, but I ended up surfing instead. When I left I snapped a couple photosand got the job done.
Laurie Towner, Wade Goodall, Dane Ward, Rusty Long, Garden Frank, etc. Sa Clemente party house. This place is pretty awesome. When I do come home to San Clemente I always make sure I stop by here to have a night or two of fun.
Chris Del Moro Alaia time at Swamis. Love or hate, Im sure Chris doesn'tgive a shit.
Brent Riley boosting in Oceanside hoinsz. Vatos Locos
Nathan Fletcher skates just as good as he surfs.
Jaime.O at home.
Danny Fuller at Pipeline. I think this was the same set where Aamion Goodwinbroke his leg.
Timmy Reyes girlfriend Megan for Whipped next month
Yadin Nichol at Rincon get all kinds of rickyness
Unidentified slotted
Jaime.O Hawaii
Warren Smith at Blacks Nude Beach. I shit him naked but I can't showthose on here can I?
Salt Creek last winter.
Dion Aguis Seaside reef. I really like Dion because he doesn't give ashit if I surf or shoot. He's just down to have fun.
5 dudes at Newps. Go fig.
Steph Gilmore at my house. No, it was for a photoshoot.
Oside right before the fires. 07
Nate Yeomans at Pupukea
Homer Henard attic. I know its been shot a few times. Not sure who shot it first. Me or Trefz. Probably Trefz.
Brandy Faber 2001. Back in the day when he would call me drunk at like 3:00am telling me he had all these drunk chicks that he wanted to set me up with. To this day, I don't know if he was serious or joking
Blacks Big Wedsnesday.
Conan Hayes. 2002. This was right when he was starting up RVCA.
Timmy Reyes when he was 13 yrs. old.
Mike Losness profile opener for Transworld a couple years ago
Banning Caps 1998. Banning was one of the first pros to take me underhis wing. He was such a good surfer. So smooth. Rest In Peace.
Ozzie Wright Rocky Lefts. Rainy sloppy surf, just like he likes it.
Rockpiles Hawaii. I think our photographer DJ Struntz was swimming out there this day. F that.....
Jon Rose 2000
Brian Conley getting all irie at sunset
Chris Malloy Laguna Beach. I had to shoot a portrait of him for something I remember. I think we decided to shoot this rather than a headshot or something. I dunno
Ozzie Wright. I completely woke him up from a sleep to shoot him puttingon a shirt.
Donovan Frankenreiter 2003
Benji Weatherley 2003
Josh Hoyer fire punt