Interview with INTELLISKIN Founder, Dr. Tim Brown


Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Lisa Anderson, Marc Occhilupo and Layne Beachley are just a handful of star athletes that are now wearing the Intelliskin Products that include thePosturecue shirts for men and Posturecure Sports Bras for women. For more on who’s wearing the Intelliskin technology visit:

We got the chance to hear from the founder of Intelliskin Dr. Tim Brown and learn more about what makes these Intelliskin products so important for posture and overall health. 

1.   Posture is one of the best accessories a woman can have, how does Intelliskin help a ladies appearance?

We know women with good posture look taller, more fit, confident and attractive.  Being posture fit makes you move with more style and grace, while simultaneously improving blood flow and oxygen to the skin and organs.

IntelliSkin was designed to help people feel better, look better and perform better.   It was created so that everyone could experience the benefits of good posture, while retraining the muscles that support your best posture.  Wearing IntelliSkin’s unique PosturecueÔ technology provides you with instant and long-term health benefits that no other apparel can offer: it changes your appearance from the moment you put it on so you get the instant gratification of looking and feeling better, while you're subtly retraining your posture over time.

2. How long until someone can really start to see an improvement in their posture?

Your posture improvement begins the moment you put the IntelliSkin shirt or sports bra on. That is what’s really unique about what IntelliSkin does…it is designed with special fabrics to cue nerve endings in your skin to provide constant feedback to your muscles that instantly cause your tight, over used chest muscles to relax and lengthen.  At the same time, your underused, under toned muscles in your upper back react by contracting and toning to lift your body into optimal posture.

3. How does an improved posture promote an improved immune system and overall health?

Research shows that posture is not just important for your back and neck and healthy joints — it literally affects the health and wellness of every cell in our bodies! Good posture takes a load off your lungs and organs, and when you improve posture, you allow for improved breathing because you enable your lungs to fill with more oxygen.

It's simple: cells age due to a lack of oxygen. Also, when we are slumped over with poor posture, our organs get compressed and can’t function optimally. This triggers a fight or flight response within our nervous system, which keeps our bodies in a constant state of stress…and constant stress is a big indicator of overall health and wellness because it effects immunity in a big way!

4. As creator of IntelliSkin, what prompted you to create this product?

Earlier in my career as a sports chiropractor, I learned that no matter how much improvement my patients felt after treatment, what they did in their daily lives was truly what made thetreatment successful or not. The 23 hours they spent outside my office could make or break the effectiveness of the treatment. I had great success taping my patients/athletes into good posture after treatments and the effects of thetreatments would absolutely last much longer when the patient was more aware of their posture throughout the day.

However, no one wants to wear tape everyday, so one day I got a phone call from an athlete who was injured while competing in Europe. He was frustrated that I wasn't there to tape him. He said, "Come on doc, why don’t you just invent something I can wear that’s like your tape job but I can put it on and take it off whenever I want?"

The next thing I know, I’m cutting up old wetsuits and sewing up shirts that mimic the taping systems I was having so much success with.  IntelliSkin was born.

5. With all the different types of injuries and body issues, what inspired you to focus on posture?

Yourarely see someone with good posture who is sick.  Poor posture is the root cause of so much pain and injury.

We now sit more (average 9.3 hrs/day!) and move less than in any time in history!  Sitting crushes and destroys good posture (get a stand up desk!).

Badposture has been linked to the most common reasons we go see the doctor — headaches and back pain — and these are just a couple issues bad posture creates by slowly turning your spine's strong, natural S shape into a sad head forward, slumpy shouldered C shape. Bad posture can cause carpal tunnel in workers; and in athletes, it brings shoulder, elbow and arm pain and injuries.

So while good posture can enhance your health and performance, poor posture can and does play a huge role in the cause of most disease and degeneration today.

6. Who are some of your female clients that wear IntelliSkin?

We have had really positive feedback from a diverse group of mothers, athletes, trainers and even surgeons who wear it in the OR.  A few clients who are wearing the latest IntelliSkin product, the PostureCueÔ Sports Bra, include: former World Champion surfers Layne Beachley and Lisa Anderson; USOlympian Sprinter/Hurdler LoLo Jones; 19x Canadian National Long Distance Running Champion Lucy Smith; and yoga master Sarah Reese and fitness trainer Andrea Orbeck both stress the importance of posture fitness in their work. Andrea is the Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist to celebs including Heidi Klum, Usher, and the Victoria Secret models.

7. Are there specific workouts/moves that could make IntelliSkin even more successful?

IntelliSkin is "a workout you wear" and is designed to give your back a workout each time you put it on.  To enhance your posture fitness, remember to do exercises that are movement-based, like yoga and Pilates; and make sure to end each rep with your body in a posture that is perfect. (Looking at your bodyfrom the side, you should see ears over middle of shoulders, shoulders overmiddle of hips, hips lined up over knees, and knees over ankle bones.)

The specific movements that are key: any that require pulling, lifting and squeezing your shoulder blades together and back (like you are pushing your heart towards your chest with your shoulder blades), NOT pushing out in front of you and pulling your chest inward.  Exercises that roll your shoulders back and down are a must.  Rowing is also a great posture exercise.

As far as exercise systems go, nothing beats Foundation Training. Athletes inc. Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Lance Armstrong and Derek Fisher are all using this system to improve theirposture, core and movement. I do it too, and recommend it because it works better than every system I’ve experienced.  It's especially great for people with back problems.

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