Clay Does Baja His Way

Clay Marzo is an eccentric cat.

He’s never been known for his adherence to normalcy. For instance, one of Clay’s biggest pet peeves is neoprene. No, he’s not some sort of environmental activist, he just hates the weight and restriction that comes with a salty, wet 3/2.

During a recent run of swell in Baja California, Clay’s first session didn’t go so well. He got a few waves, but nothing great, leading him to take drastic measures in session number two. Thats why in the middle of November, in Northern Baja, Clay opted to wear a solely pair of trunks. For reference, about half the guys in the water that day were wearing booties. Clay soldiered through the frigid temps and, wouldn’t you know it, bagged his best wave in the process. How can you not adore the wild Hawaiian?