Nazaré Ignites for All-Out Tube Fest

Ain’t nothing better than waking up to barrels.

Of course it’s better if you’re the one getting stuffed, but to open your computer to watch some friends splitting perfect 6-foot peaks ain’t too bad, either.

Yesterday saw the culmination of Capitulo Perfeito, a barrel-riding contest held at Nazaré. You know, that 1,000-foot wave that some crazy guys surfed last week. Turns out it pumps in the small-medium range too.

A field of international tube-mafiosos congregated for the best day of the waiting period, one that provided ideal winds and some seriously enticing wedges. The final consisted of Spaniard and eventual champion Aritz Aranburu, plus an unlikely flock of American east coasters including Balaram Stack (2nd), Dylan Graves (3rd) and retired(ish?) Gabe Kling (4th). It was basically the best event ever. Check the video for evidence.