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Southern California Report and Forecast
Date: Thursday June 22, 2017

Today (Thursday) the NW ground swell has arrived on schedule as has the brief offshore event. Both peak today. We also have some weak southern hemi in the background (with NW wrap overshadowing it). NW swell backs off Friday and winds revert as well. Saturday may not be so pretty as a weather front moves through the area Friday night, but NW swell should build and then peak Sunday, when conditions improve once again. It then looks like we'll see a modest NW'er Wednesday the 25th, Turkey Day may be small, but long range models show the possibility of some NW swell for the 27th-28th.

Currently, NW periods are running 14 seconds from 305 degrees in the outer waters, wrapping into SoCal around 295 degrees. Southerly periods are running 17 seconds from 225.

In SoCal, most west facing breaks are seeing chest to head high sets. OC has some sheltering from island blockage and is a bit smaller.

Northern California and the Central Coast are seeing sets running head high to a few feet overhead at most west facing breaks, DOH at standouts (mostly along the Central Coast). Direct south facing breaks are looking at chest to at times head high waves.

The tide was low around 3:30 AM at about 2.7 feet, goes high around 9:45 AM to about 5.9 feet, and then low around 5:30 PM to about -0.3 feet.

Water temps are averaging 62 in SD, 62 in OC, 61 in LA, 60 in VC, 63 in SB, 58 along the Central Coast and 55 in NCal.

[Go to full Southern California Forecast]

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