Titans of Mavericks

We're bringing you all the action from Mavericks in real-time, with incoming photos around the clock from the SURFER staff. From the morning preparation, to the anticipated kickoff of the Titans of Mavericks competition, to the final press conference, check in throughout the day and stay updated as the Super Bowl of big-wave surfing finally begins. Photo: Chachi

Nic Lamb

3:30 PM: Your 2016 Titans of Mavericks Champion, Nic Lamb. Photo: Ellis

Nic Lamb

3:20 PM: From his first heat to his last, Nic Lamb looked in tune with a very unpredictable Pacific, finding heaving peaks in each round, including this final opener. Photo: Ellis

Nic Lamb

3:18 PM: After a quiet final thirty minutes, Nic Lamb is your 2016 Titans of Mavericks winner. Photo: Ellis

Tyler Fox

2:43 PM: Santa Cruz fans are surely losing their minds watching Tyler Fox sending it in the final. Photo: Ellis

Nic Lamb

2:25 PM: Nic Lamb takes the lead with this clean, steep roll-in. Photo: Ellis

Tyler Fox

2:19 PM: Tyler Fox hooking into a beauty for his first wave of the final. The Santa Cruz hellman has been one to watch all event, handling the shifty, shelf-y conditions on his backhand. Photo: Ellis

Nic Lamb

2:18 PM: Nic Lamb sending it late and deep from the bowl. Photo: Ellis

Travis Payne

2:10 PM: Travis Payne, starting off his finals run with a gem. Doubt he could hear how loud his friends, family, and most all of his hometown of Pacifica were screaming as he nabbed this thing. Photo: Ellis

Jamie Mitchell

1:50 PM: We're onto the finals, with Greg Long, Tyler Fox, Travis Payne, Carlos Burle, and Nic Lamb joining Jamie Mitchell, pictured here, letting it all wash over him. There's tons of waves rolling through. We're in for a wild final. Photo: Ellis


1:40 PM: Fellow local boy Colin Dwyer and friends celebrate Travis Payne's inspired semifinal throwdown. Payne enters the final having nabbed a spot as first alternate, getting the nod after Shane Dorian was forced to bow out due to back issues. Photo: Ellis

Travis Payne

1:35 PM: Pacifica's finest, hometown hero and San Francisco paramedic Travis Payne is into the final, absolutely wrangling a foamy mutant. Photo: Ellis

Nic Lamb

1:15 PM: Nic Lamb hooking into another beautiful peak. There's a lot of texture and bump on the face, with some ferocious ledges on the drops, but Nic's been absolutely handling each and every wave that comes his way. Photo: Ellis


1:15 PM: As the finals approach, the swell's very much here, with bombs coming through regularly. It's going to be a very fun afternoon of big, burly beasts coming through the bowl, and bigger ones on their way. Photo: Ellis

Nic Lamb

1:00 PM: Nic Lamb has been sending it on anything he can get his hands on, and will surely be tough to beat in the semis. Photo: Ellis


12:50 PM: Semifinal #2 is in the water, and there are plenty of waves coming through. Photo: Ellis

Dave Wassel

12:25 PM: There's plenty of swell in the water as we head well into the semifinals, and there's no shortage of carnage. Dave Wassel, over the handlebars. Photo: Ellis

Tyer Fox

12:15 PM: We're heavy into the semifinals, and the waves are definitely improving, despite a rising tide and plenty of wind. Tyler Fox, slipping under the falling axe. Photo: Ellis

Nic Lamb

11:20 AM: After watching Long stick a mental airdrop on the wave before, Nic Lamb nabbed this little nugget, chasing a backup score on the bowl. Photo: Ellis

Greg Long

11:18 AM: Greg Long, handling the avalanche after falling from the sky on one of the prettiest waves of a fairly ugly morning. Photo: Ellis

Greg Long

11:18 AM: Greg Long just free-fell into one of the best waves of the day, a clean bowl that saw him stick the drop and power onto the shoulder. Photo: Ellis

Nic Lamb

11:15 AM: Nic Lamb picked off one of the cleanest peaks of the morning. It's still wild and wooly, but there are a few calm moments. Photo: Ellis

Wilkinson & Fletcher

10:50 AM: Nathan Fletcher going ass-over-tea-kettle, while Ben Wilkinson enjoys a shallower entrance and a rare clean face. Photo: Ellis

Alex Martins

10:45 AM: It takes some hearty determination to tame these rugged beasts. Alex Martins, hanging on, and sticking it on a messy one. Photo: Ellis

Rusty Long

10:35 AM: There's a tricky northwest wind on the face, but a few beasts are starting to roll through. Rusty Long, letting one go, hoping for a cleaner entrance next time. Photo: Ellis

Tyler Fox

10:25 AM: Patience and paddle power being paramount, a few have been able to sneak into some gems. Tyler Fox, on a beauty. Photo: Ellis

Mark Healey

9:35 AM: With plenty of bump on the faces, and a ragged new swell filling in, competitors have plenty on their hands navigating around the shifty Mavs bowl. Mark Healey, making the most of it. Photo: Ellis

Out the back

9:30 AM: As the tide and swell fills in, the interval will drop and we should see more consistent pulses. But there's still plenty of opportunities for solid ones. Photo: Ellis


9:00 AM: Fog delays, boat placement issues, and some shifty, raw conditions have been challenging, and though Mavs might not be all-time, a few bombs have snuck through. Photo: Ellis


8:00 AM: The morning lineup, acting out before the event starts. Photo: Chachi

Morning Crowd

7:15 AM: The fog horn blew all night long, haunting competitors' sleep. But as the sun rises over the eastern range, it's a beautiful day in Half Moon Bay, the event is a go, and the competitors' boat is heading out through the harbor, all surfers accounted for and ready for battle. Photo: Ellis

Morning Crowd

7:00 AM: Crowds arrived from all over the state, looking to get a glimpse of the action before heading to local Half Moon Bay businesses to watch the action. Photo: Ellis

Greg Long

6:45 AM: Greg Long taking pre-dawn questions before boarding the competitors' boat. Photo: Ellis

Nic Lamb

6:30 AM: Competitors arriving at Half Moon Bay Harbor, bundled against the cold Northern California morning. First reports from the hill are claiming solid 20'+ sets. Photo: Ellis