Atlantic Daze In Puerto Rico

Watch: Atlantic Daze In Puerto Rico

You want ramps? Puerto Rico has ’em. You want peeling walls? Puerto Rico has ’em. You want gaping barrels? Puerto Rico has ’em. This edit from Darren Muschett captures a host of PR’s hottest surfers, ripping Eas[...]

Welcome To SURFER Films

Watch: Welcome To SURFER Films

There’s a damn good chance surf films are the reason you first picked up a board. From The Endless Summer to Beyond Blazing Boards; Modern Collective to Chapter 11; surf movies are, and always will be, our motivator to jump in the wa[...]

Hey There, Keramas

Watch: Hey There, Keramas

It might not be picture-perfect like the photos you’ve seen in magazines, but that’s not the point. The point is that the first groundswells of the season are making their way toward Indonesia, and waves like Keramas are wa[...]

Kelly Slater: “It’s Not OK”

Watch: Kelly Slater: It's Not Ok

Here’s a beautiful piece from Kelly Slater and Outerknown, discussing both Slater’s and the brand’s concerns about water quality and ocean health. Filmed during the winter in Hawaii, the film commits Outerknown to doi[...]