Drawing Lines, Taking A Stance

Watch: Drawing Lines, Taking A Stance

“I made this movie to highlight beautiful surfing but also to reference how President Donald Trump’s budget fulfills his warnings on the campaign trail to eliminate most, if not all, of government funding on climate change [...]

A Moment Longer

Watch: A Moment Longer

San Clemente’s Tommy Witt has one of the most technically radical, yet fluidly stylish longboard approaches of anyone in the game – intricate, nuanced footwork; smooth rail work; an admirable switch-stance game; and noserid[...]

Matt Meola’s Change Of Pace

Watch: Matt Meola's Change Of Pace

Variety is the spice of life, and any slice of heaven needs to have it. Repeating the same thing over and over again isn’t exciting, no matter if the action is surfing or if the location is heavenly Hawaii. When Matt Meola hurt h[...]

Minchinton & Sons

Watch: Minchinton & Sons

Meet Mike and Forrest, a Father-Son shaping duo out of California. Father Mike has been shaping since the ’70s, everything from 7’6″ Stingers to wood-material boards. His clientele: Corky Carroll, Alex Knost, Brian An[...]

Parker Coffin In “Twenty Waves (And A Couple More)”

Vacation Club: Parker Coffin

Vacation Club is back with a spankin’ new Parker Coffin piece. By now, you can trust VC to deliver the goods: great music, the right amount of slo-mo, beautiful waves, and a cast of freesurf talent who’s always stacking cli[...]