Mick And “The Snake”

Mick Fanning discovers one of the world's last untouched dream waves

You’ve seen the photos, framegrabs from a dream: a five-kilometer-long, reeling sand-bottomed right surfed all alone by Mick Fanning. Now see the footage of the wave that has everyone asking, Where? Not that we’ll hear the answer from Mick, but he does describe what it’s like to step onto this unknown emerald runway:

"The first couple of waves, I was thinking, 'This is way too fast.' And then I finally got one, and it was like, 'Alright, here we go. Get the groove going.' It was crazy. I wanted to catch every single wave, but I didn't want to miss the biggest ones. It was hard paddling over these perfect, chest-high runners. On any other day, you would go on that wave, but because there's no one around, you have to make sure you wait for the bombs. You don't want to be running up the beach and see the wave of the day just go through…Surfing by yourself, you can't sit where the line's going to be or where it's going to come in. ‘Do I paddle in? Do I paddle that way?’ I missed a couple of waves because of that; I was too far out. I was shooting down the line when I should've been shooting in…It's just speed management, man, that's all it is. I feel like an F1 driver. The waves that I've seen here? I'm coming back, for sure. I just got an appetizer. We'll be back."

Still curious? Our exclusive feature with Mick and his secret wave will hit newsstands on February 24th, as part of our soon-to-be-released issue, Evolution. For those convinced our wave-riding future is destined for purely mechanical perfection: meet your counterpoint, “The Snake.”