El Rancho Grande

Watch: El Rancho Grande

Remember back in April, when Puerto Rican Rolando Montes dropped the edit of his first winter on Oahu’s North Shore, and we suddenly had very good reason to follow the travels of Rolando Montes? That, but in Indo now. The kid kno[...]

France Today, Gone Tomorrow

Watch: France Today, Gone Tomorrow

The Quik team had a beachie fling in France for two weeks and have an armful of top-shelf clips to show for it. Because when the swell windows are so short here, you might as well go for broke. Featuring Mikey February, Connor O’Lear[...]

Keep an Eye Out for Kobi Clements

Watch: Keep an Eye Out for Kobi Clements

I doubt 12-year-old Kobi Clements had much control over the creative direction of this short little edit, but hats off to whoever did. Getting past the adorably cheeky intro, the edit above features young Clements ditching his fins and[...]

Get Your Transoceanic Pulse Racing

Watch: 'Alive'

Long live the boats ridden, the planes boarded, the stories exchanged, and the cold ones enjoyed in the name of global exploration. Travel gets us out of our element. It makes us feel alive. This 14-minute short film from the crew at I[...]

South Coast Hospitality

Watch: South Coast Hospitality

Does the title of Russell Bierke’s clip around NSW, ‘On The Tea,’ refer to how Russ feels as he bottom-turns into a toothy South Coast closeout? Like he’s enjoying a warm cup of tea with his mates? Russ surfs li[...]

Seth Conboy’s Commencement Speech

Seth Conboy’s Commencement Speech

Last May, in preparation for Flagler College’s spring commencement ceremony, Ocean City, Maryland’s Seth Conboy had final exams to study for and capstone projects to complete on the way to earning his BA in graphic design. And, lik[...]